Nearby Safer Places

A nearby safer places is a place of last resort for people during bushfire emergencies.  

If you have no bushfire survival plan, or your plan has failed, a nearby safer place may be your last resort when there is an imminent threat of bushfire.

Tasmania Fire Service identifies some nearby places and list these in the Community Bushfire Protection Plans (see this website for plans developed for areas within Kingborough). 

Even if there are nearby safer places listed in your community protection plan, you should identify others in your survival plan in case you can't get to the ones identified by Tasmania Fire Service.


Evacuation centres

An Evacuation Centre is a designated building, specifically selected to provide people with a safe shelter option away from the immediate or potential effects of an emergency.  They are for people who leave bushfire affected areas and do not go somewhere else of their own choosing such as to homes of friends or relatives.

Evacuation Centres will be well clear of the expected path of fires and when they are selected, TFS will broadcast their location on ABC Local Radio and via the TFS website.

Evacuation Centres will not be used in all bushfires and there will not be one in every local area.

It is up to each individual as to whether or not they go to the evacuation centre.  If people are in any doubt about what they should do when bushfires are affecting their area and an evacuation centre is opened, TFS reminds them that not being in bushfire affected areas is always the safest option.

Evacuation Centres offer only very basic shelter/amenities and they will only be open for a short period of time - so people need to be essentially 'self-sufficient'.

It is ok to take domestic pets as long as you can look after/secure them (although pets may not be allowed inside the evacuation centre).  Livestock and larger animals should not be taken.


Bushfire Protection Plans

Tasmania Fire Service has undertaken the preparation of Community Bushfire Protection Plans to provide members of the community with specific informaiotn on their options when bushfire threatens, and assist with the development of personal bushfire survival plans.

Plans developed for sections of Kingborough are:

Bonnet Hill  Nicholls Rivulet area

Coningham  Pelverata area

Fern Tree  Snug area

Kettering & Woodbridge area  Summerleas

Middleton area  Taroona area

Neika & Leslie Vale area  The Lea

Tinderbox area including Howden & Blackmans Bay