Animals and Bushfire Planning

It is important that everyone with animals has at least a basic plan t protect them during a bushfire.  You need to do this well before any fire risk, so that everyone in your family knows what to do in an emergency.

The Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment has advice to assist animal owners/caretakers.  See the link below to access the information.



Pets in an emergency

When disaster strikes, pet owners are faced with difficult decisions - leave without the pet(s) or stay and try to protect the pet(s).  This causes anxiety and / or grief.

Plan ahead - get yourself a PET PAL.

PET PAL is a friend or relative where you can take your pet(s) prior to or during emergencies.

Remember to keep your PET PAL informed of:

  •  will you evacuate or will you stay if an emergency occurs?
  • where you keep your PET PAL kit
  • where you will meet your PET PAL in the event of an emergency

 Remember to ensure that your whole family understand your PET PAL plans and have the details of your PET PAL displayed in your home.

Don't leave the relocation of your pet(s)until it’s too late, otherwise you may place yourself and your pet(s) at risk